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Music Memory Game By Fasasoftware

MMG Music Memory Game 3.0

New Release 3.0 …We have fixed some bugs!!!



This Software is made with Livecode Community!!

You can find the source inside the zip!!! the shareware….like a cofèe you can buy

this my new invention..”The Music Memory Game”.

The Goal of this game is to make 8 pairs of sounds in less

time possible…It will be a new classic game…like SIMON..

There are 5 level of difficulty…easy, very easy, medium, hard,

are you crazy?…

There are 300 sounds in memory…you can experiment as you

want…The Music are mine…All made by Me!

You can download for free from Googleplay Lestroso.

First of all…You must Push “ON” in the panel….

First you can choose to select the Theme of sounds…..


You must push 4 to select the sounds and then the Time and

Finally, you must push number 1 to start the game…

To play…you must push the cubes to make pairs…

This game is for children and for people of every ages ….

I hope you will enjoy with my game….

If you are a Factory Game if you want produce

hardware our game, please let us know…

Best regards, Have Fun And Long Life and Prosper….

Lestroso E-Mail.:

Here below you can download the demo3.0 and

the full software 3.0 for Only 2 euros!!!

New Demo 3.0


Have Fun Enjoy Lestroso

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MMG Music Memory Game By Fasasoftware

MMG Music Memory Game

By Fasasoftware


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Our Youtube Channel! By Fasasoftware

Our Youtube Channel!

By Fasasoftware


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AppGameKit Tutorial #05 – Making a simple Shooter Game Part 2


In this 2nd part of the simple shooter tutorial we see the coded needed to add a player shooting lazer. We also add a wav sound effect for when it’s fired.


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Game Maker Studio 2 Vs App Game Kit


Which one is better for beginners, this video will show you the advantages and disadvantages. They are very obvious. Download app game kit: …


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Top 10 Arduino Projects 2019 “Final Year Engineering Project ideas”Electrical+Electronics


10: Control Your car wirelessly using Bluetooth and android cell phone plus anti theft protection. 9: Image processing based …


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*NEW* App Game Kit Studio 2019 – easy gamemaker (clickteam fusion 2.5 alternative)


New gamemaker clickteam Fusion 2.5 alternative for making games 3D and 2D. Download the new App Game Kit Studio for …


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AppGameKit Tutorial #02 – Load an image, create a sprite and move it!


In this tutorial you will learn how to load an image file into AppGameKit, assign it to a Sprite and then move it with a virtual joystick. Website: …


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*NEW* App Game Kit Studio ( Best Game Engines 2019)


Download AppGameKit Studio: The natural successor to AppGameKit! Everything you need to take your idea from concept to …


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ToP 10 Arduino Bluetooth Projects of All time | TOP Arduino Projects


Top 10 Arduino-Bluetooth Projects Links: 10. LED and Stepper motor control using Bluetooth and Arduino 9.


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AppGameKit Studio Beta


Hands on with the successor to AppGameKit, AppGameKit Studio. Currently in Beta, this new game engine adds a complete IDE and world editing environment …


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AppGameKit – GamesPack 2


A compilation of eleven games made with AppGameKit. Every game comes with full source code so you can learn how developers have made this collection of …


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AppGameKit Tutorial #04 – Making a simple Shooter Game!


In tutorial #4 we start making a simple shooter game. We’ll cover floating point variables, the include command, Gosub routines and other important techniques.


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Learn to program BASIC with App Game Kit – Tutorial #1


HELLO WORLD is a classic getting started project. This first video tutorial shows you how easy it is to do in App Game Kit Basic. Website: …


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