Crazy Shot!!!2023 by Fasasoftware…

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How To Play This Game…..

This Is A Remake of Take’Em Out for Amiga…. Shot’em Up By Fasasoftware 2023.
The Goal of this game is to shot all the objects that appears on the screen. This version of Crazy Shot has 9 levels,in the full release.

Be careful because for example in the first level you don’t have to kill the girls that appear on the screen, otherwise you will loose 50 Points on your score.

But, if you shot the right object, you will gain 50 Points.

There are many levels to play very funny and easy.For example, the 2 level is located in a circus and the 3 you have to shot to some disks in the air.

There are also other levels located on the space and in the far west and so on…

When you win the level you will see the congrats words on the screen with the sound applause.

On the contrary if you loose , you will see a skull that rotate by itself and you listen a baby crying.

Remember, if you loose a level, the game restart from the first level.

When every level starts, you will see a traffic light that give you the start to play the game.

This version is The Full Release that have 9 levels to play!

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Have Fun and Enjoy,

Fasasoftware’s Team 2023