MMG Music Memory Game 3.0

MMG Music Memory Game 3.0

New Release 3.0 …We have fixed some bugs!!!



This Software is made with Livecode Community!!

You can find the source inside the zip!!! the shareware….like a cofèe you can buy

this my new invention..”The Music Memory Game”.

The Goal of this game is to make 8 pairs of sounds in less

time possible…It will be a new classic game…like SIMON..

There are 5 level of difficulty…easy, very easy, medium, hard,

are you crazy?…

There are 300 sounds in memory…you can experiment as you

want…The Music are mine…All made by Me!

You can download for free from Googleplay Lestroso.

First of all…You must Push “ON” in the panel….

First you can choose to select the Theme of sounds…..


You must push 4 to select the sounds and then the Time and

Finally, you must push number 1 to start the game…

To play…you must push the cubes to make pairs…

This game is for children and for people of every ages ….

I hope you will enjoy with my game….

If you are a Factory Game if you want produce

hardware our game, please let us know…

Best regards, Have Fun And Long Life and Prosper….

Lestroso E-Mail.:

Here below you can download the demo3.0 and

the full software 3.0 for Only 2 euros!!!


Have Fun Enjoy Lestroso 2020