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Virtual Disk Emulator

This Software is intended to replace the difect, like the imac that have not the Led to See the Loading of Own Software.

This software simply work like this: the led will turn on when the hard disk load something, in the meantime, you will hear the sound of the disk.

This software is made with "Lazarus" the free Pascal.We have 2 versions of this software, for Mac Os X and for Windows 10.

We offer this software for a small Fee Like 2 Euro. Please Support the ShareWare.

Virtual Disk Emulator

This Software has two skins inside, as you can see there's the disk for APPLEII and for Commodore.

We hope to help you to solve this little problem...Below you can buy the 2 desktop versions, one 2 euros each.


This is a little Animation For You.Download Here our Software for Free!!!

Download Good Bless for windows10
Download Good Bless MAC OS X

Fasa Shooter

Here you can download for free our new little game...a remake of space shooter...side..We are sorry there's only the Mac os X Version!

Download Fasashooter for mac os x

This is Windows Invaders

This Game is FREE and a Remake of Space Invaders...This is  a version for all Desktops.... We are sorry , but there's a lot of bugs.This Game is Made with Godot Engine....We Are Studing a lot this Game Engine..But in Any way The Game Is  Good...Happy Gaming!!! Best Regards, Lestroso.

Download Windows Invaders for win10


Download Here for free our Pills reminder...now only for mac os x...we are sorry...Very easy to use..Insert the Pills Name...Set the hour to remind your pill...choose the sound..and that's all.This software was written in Purebasic.Best regards, Lestroso


This Software is made with LIVECODE Community Open Source...When You Purchase , you will get also the Source Code Inside the zip!!!!

Anti Mosquito

"Anti Mosquito Sound" will help you keep all mosquitos away from you!
This app is able to emit high frequency sounds (ultrasonic sounds) which irritate all small insects.
Mosquitos can take that sound as the sound of their enemies. They will keep away from the source of the sound. Just turn the repellent sound on and keep your mobile phone near you.

Most of the humans can't hear sound above 17 khZ. Our app gives you the availability to set sound frequency from 9 kHz to 23 kHz! Set frequency in way that you can'thear the sound and don't worry, mosquitos will hear the sound for sure!

This app will not give 100% chance of success. There are a lot of mosquito species in the world and some of them may be resistant to ultrasonic sounds.Moreover some of built-in phone speakers are not able to produce high frequency sounds.