FaSasoftware The Best For You!

FaSasoftware The Best For You!

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Finally..We Have Released ..The Game.. Crazy Shot!

Finally..We Have Released ..The Game.. Crazy Shot!

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New Invention 2017! The Optimeter BY Luca P. And Fasasoftware!

New Invention 2017! The Optimeter BY Luca P. And Fasasoftware!

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New Invention 2017 ...THE XiloBaby...By Fasasoftware!

New Invention 2017 ...THE XiloBaby...By Fasasoftware!

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CrazyShot! The New Fasasoftware\\\\\\\'s Game...

CrazyShot! The New Fasasoftware\\\\\\\'s Game...

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Here You Can Buy CrazyShot For Desktop Version For Only 2E.

Crazy Shot The Desktop Version!


Have fun And Enjoy!!

Here You Can Find The CrazyShot

Version For The Main Computer Version!!

Have Fun And Enjoy!!

The Fasasoftware’s Team


CrazyShot! The New Game By Fasasoftware’s Team2017


Hi to everybody!

We are pleased to tell to

you that we have released

our new game sho’em up :

Crazy Shot!

We Sell It For Only 2 Euro!

Shot every where and have Fun!

Try Below Our Demo On Line

The First Level..It’s free!!!

This Is A Brend New Shot’em Up

By Fasasoftware 2017.
The Goal of this game is

to shot all the objects

that appears on the screen.

Crazy Shot in full version has 9 levels.
Be careful because for example in the first level

you don’t have to kill the girls

that appear on the screen,

otherwise you will loose 50 Points on your score.
But, if you shot the right object, you will gain 50 Points.
There are many levels to play

very funny and easy.For example,

the 2 level is located in a circus

and the 3 you have to shot to some disks in the air.
There also other levels located on the

space and in the far west and so on…
When you win the level you will see the

congrats words on the screen

with the sound applause.
On the contrary if you loose ,

you will see a skull that rotate by

itself and you listen a baby crying.
Remember, if you loose a level,

the game restart from the first level.
When every level starts, you will see a traffic

light that give you the start to play the game.

This Demo Have Only 1 Level To Try.

The Full Release Have 9 levels to play!

Have Fun and Enjoy,

Fasasoftware’s Team 2017





Click Here to Try On Line Our Demo!


Here Below You Can Download It For Android!!!



Fasasoftware The Best In The World!


Xilo Baby The New Fasasoftware’s Invention 2017 Keyboard Less


Hello, I’m Lestroso and I am here to present my latest work,

this musical instrument called “Xilo-Baby”, already protected by copyright.

Very funny, as it has no keys, but the Optical sensors that detect the keypress.


Go to the Page description!


New Invention 2017 “The Optimeter” by Luca P. and Fasasoftware’s Team

New Invention 2017

“The Optimeter”

by Luca P. and

Fasasoftware’s Team

Optimeter is an instrument capable of

operating as an optical transceiver,

can send and receive optical signals

for the measurement of optical power.

Profit tester at activation connections F.O.

Moreover, no less important, can measure the

loss of data transmission in optical cables.lucaoptim1 


 Go To Invention Page!!!!


It Gone Down! An Instrumental Track by Lestroso 2017!


You Can Listen More Music Here:

Lestroso’s Song Site!


Here The Patch For Fix Colors for Adafruit Library Chinese2.4″TftLcd!

Here The Patch For Fix Colors

for Adafruit Library Chinese2.4″TftLcd!For arduino!!

tftlcd2-4-4tftlcd2-4-7Go to the Page!!!!



8 ИДЕЙ КОТОРЫЕ APPLE УКРАЛИ У АНДРОИД – с вами tophype и это топ в котором вы узнаете про ваш телефон и секреты айфон…



Steve Wozniak talking about Tesla

Steve Wozniak at xamarin evolve talks on backing out of buying a Tesla. He goes on after this to speaking about actually buying the car and using autopilot and …



Building your own Meat locker

Meat lockers are large ‘walk-in’ coolers which are used for meat cold storage. Slabs of meat and carcases are usually stored on meat hooks and are popular with deer hunters. Meat lockers are designed in a specific way although the same refrigeration techniques are used. The facility must be much more insulated so that the optimum temperature is maintained in such a large space. Meat cold storage units can come in all types of shapes and sizes. Below are some instructions on how to create your own meat locker.

  • Make sure the workspace is clear. Walk in cold storage solutions are the most effective but you can use a small room or a shed. Empty the space of all clutter and storage and thoroughly clean the area. The door will need to be removed and replaced eventually.
  • Install the refrigeration compressor unit into the space cleared. Make sure that you measure properly before purchasing the unit to avoid sizing issues. The purpose of this compressor is to process the air so that it reaches the desired temperature. Make sure that the compressor is easily accessible and placed out of the way to avoid damage.
  • Insulation is now of paramount importance to keep the cold air in. Use polyurethane sheets in the walls of your meat locker. Cut the material into strips that fit the size of the room. The optimum thickness should be approximately 4 inches to be most effective. Make sure you cover the floor and ceiling also.
  • Order and attach a ‘pre-hung’ insulated door to the frame. These doors are usually airtight. Purchase a thermostat to measure the temperature and some security features. Clean and disinfect the space thoroughly before using to store meat.

Creating your own meat locker can be hard work and it is important to remember to keep the  space as insulated as possible as well as maintain a safe storage temperature to keep the meat as fresh as possible before serving. 

Although this method may be cost effective, purchasing your meat cold storage is a sound investment as they are created with durability and longevity in mind. Buying or renting a meat locker would ensure you are not paying over the odds for repairs and maintenance. CRS in Ireland offer cold storage solutions for rent, lease or purchase. The units are specifically designed to store meat products safely and at the optimum temperature. For more information please visit www.crs.ie.  

Source by Michael Jay


How to make a video game in notepad


CODING sorry i didnt have my mic at the time



Introduction to the Godot Game Engine


Sponsors: Dev Mountain Coding Bootcamp https://goo.gl/P4vgKS Other Links: Check out my tutorials, blogs and more at my website …



WARUM, APPLE?! – MacBook Pro 2016 – Review

Es ist wieder soweit: Apple hat zugeschlagen. Mit neuen Notebooks. Die sollen für “Pros” sein. Steht zumindest drauf. Warum die Dinger momentan genau das …



Steve Wozniak na Campus Party Brasil 2011

Palestra do Steve Wozniak, um dos fundadores da Apple, junto com Steve Jobs. Nesta, ele conta a história da vida dele, como começou, suas experiências e …



How to make your own video game – Training , Experience and Building your Portfolio


We all want to know how to make your own video game, In these groups and UNI courses students are taught about the things that make a game great and addictive and most importantly make it stand out from the rest. 

Universities and companies are joining together to help the new generation of video game makers out there and introducing them to the programs used to make your own video game very early such as adobe Photoshop used to create graphics and characters for a game. A lot of recent work for video game design have been areas of art and character design but don’t stress if your art skills aren’t the greatest there are also lots of jobs in the programming area so if that’s you start learning a new programming language now it’s the best time to start. 3D Model Jump on those forums and get your head around a computer language it can be a very valuable skill. 

A friend of mine is currently doing game design at uni because he just loves games and he would love to learn how to make your own video game. At the moment he is in his first year and still in the introductory phase where they get you to work on a compelling story line for your game (very important ) and also work on your art skills to design characters and bring them into lift with the use of programs such as Maya and 3dmax .

His current project involves creating a mod for the latest Unreal tournament game and brings the character mod into the game and playing it in a LAN game against other students. I hope this gives some of you an insight into what it will be like learning how to make your own game. These days a great story line and game play make a great game not necessarily the graphics. 


Getting Started

A good place to start as an introductory way to help you build up to making your own games is make custom maps and character mods for existing games it can be a great way to see how it all comes together and is good experience. A recent game that lets users customize characters is spore and is well worth checking out even if just for the creature editor with unlimited possibilities and customizable skeletons it’s a ton of fun.

The importance of Programming!

There is a huge demand right now for people with good programming skills and there is real shortage of people skilled in using C, C++. Many people concentrate too much on visuals and there is much more chance of finding a job in the industry with good programming skills.

Professional Programs & Experience

Some programs you may want to get some experience in to get your foot in the door are


3d MAX

Adobe Photoshop and Premiere

Building a Game in 1 Week with No Budget

Some of you may have about the guy that developed a game in 1 week with no budget to prove a point that building a video game does not require fancy 3d engines or extremely good programming skills. He built his rpg style game from all freeware programs and was successful its an amazing achievement and you can do the same. Check out the article for more information on what programs he used and how he did it.

Source by Hina Khan


Easy DIY Video Game Shelves


Make some easy Video game shelves for about $30.

These shelves are for DVD style games or NES,SNES, N64 Boxed games.




25 FAKTŮ o Apple

25 FAKTŮ o Apple, které Vás možná i překvapí… ODBĚR KANÁLU ○ http://bit.ly/nejfakeSUBSCRIBE TRIČKA & NÁRAMKY ○ http://www.realgeek.cz/13-nejfake …



Steve Wozniak is first in line for iPhone 4S

We’re quite sure that Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple, could make a phone call and get an iPhone 4S well before it hits the stores. However, he hasn’t …



10 Plot Holes In Video Games That Make No Sense


10 Plot Holes In Video Games That Make No Sense featuring Red Dead Redemption, Mass Effect 3, Batman: Arkham Origins and more! subscribe now to TheGamer! https://goo.gl/AIH31G

Have you ever tried your best to understand the plot of a game, but something just doesn’t fit? There is one event that happens that just does not compute and leaves you scratching your head in search for answers. Nowadays, almost every game has some sort of plot hole in it, but as we all know, some plot holes are bigger than others. Sometimes, a character will randomly have an epiphany or some important item that you desperately need to find will just magically fall from the sky. Many of us will just laugh it off and move on paying no attention to the plot, but some of us channel our inner detective and need to find out if this is truly a plot hole. As any normal person would, you search the internet to see if others have the same opinion as you. Lo and behold, there is a whole forum of people complaining about the same thing. It feels as if the game developers are trying to pull the wool over our eyes and make us forget about the glaring plot holes in their games, but we are smarter than that. From Batman somehow being a time traveler in Batman: Arkham Origins to Jack Marston becoming the greatest fighter of his generation in Red Dead Redemption, there are even game changing plot holes in the triple A games we get so excited for each year. Enjoy!


Heavy Rain – Why Do Ethan’s Blackouts Make Him Wake Up With Evidence?
Bioshock – How Did Jack Survive On Land Without Any Parents?
Gears Of War 3 – Why Is The Leader Of The Locusts A Human Woman?
Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood – How Could Desmond Stab Lucy?
Metal Gear Solid 4 – Why Can Raiden Channel Lightning?
Fallout 3 – Why Can’t Someone Immune To Radiation Activate The Purifier?
Red Dead Redemption – Jack Marston’s Combat Abilities
Mass Effect 3 – How Did Shepard’s Crew Get So Far Away So Fast?
Batman: Arkham Origins – How Does Past-Batman Have All His Future Gadgets?
Final Fantasy VII – Why Can’t You Use A Phoenix Down On Aeris?

For more videos and articles visit:




Godot tutorial: Horizontal platform movement


In this Godot tutorial, we explore key basic tools we need to make games with the engine. Then, we code the horizontal movement for a platform game character.



Apple Ring Pancakes

Here is what you’ll need! APPLE RING PANCAKES Serving 3 INGREDIENTS 1 apple ½ teaspoon cinnamon Pancake Batter 1 egg 2 tablespoons butter, melted …



Entrevista com Steve Wozniak – Parte 1 de 2

Entrevista com Steve Wozniak, co-fundador da Apple.



How To Make A Video Game [Unity3D Basics] Part 1


How To Make A Video Game [Unity3D Basics Tutorial] Part 1.
This series shows you how to make a game in Unity3D.
It allows you to make games for iPhone, Wii, Mac, PC & Browser.
Unity, in my opinion, is the best game engine this side of a million dollars. It’s fast, understandable, reliable and the Indie version is free.



The all-new Apple Music.

The best way to experience all the music you love—even offline. Over 40 million songs. Thousands of handpicked playlists. Exclusive music and video …



Steve Wozniak talks about Pirates of Silicon Valley (HackingMovies.com)

http://www.hackingmovies.com/pirates-of-silicon-valley-1999-hacking-movie.htm Steve Wozniak talks about Pirates of Silicon Valley.



MC70 BUILDS a Console that holds 3,000+ Video Games | Raspberry Pi 3 | Retro Gaming


What have I been up to Lately???
Building a Retro Pie…God Bless the Europeons.

For a mere $60, at the touch of a button, I am able to play any game from the following platforms…
Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Gameboy Advanced, Atari, Sega Master System, Sega Genesis, NEO GEO, MEME Arcade.
5973 total games (applications) a lot of duplicates, but its been Super Fun so far.

Do I forsee some Retro Streams in the future where viewers can request any game they can ever recall?

-Jonathan aka Madcircle70

500 SUB HYPE Q & A VIDEO- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PwhTuhNtscM
TLOU Funny Moments video- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aKcWJ-p2uH8
UC4 Funny Momments video- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r8eMyd0NvZ8
UC4 Stealth Loadout Tutorial- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZMuHhEdWm4M
UC4 Sniping Medic Loadout Tutorial- https://youtu.be/9ci18ZTyDdw

Thank you & I hope you enjoy…
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EMAIL: amazianasian@gmail.com
Follow me on any of the below. Twitter is the best way to get hold of me outside YouTube.

Twitter- https://twitter.com/madcircle70
Livestreams- http://www.twitch.tv/madcircle70

Intro & Channel Art was created by the talented and artistic Qrow Bleu



Godot tutorials next Thursday!


Godot’s website: http://godotengine.org/ Krita tutorial series: http://gdquest.com/game-art-quest/volume-1/krita-tutorial-for-game-artists/ GDquest shop: …



iPhone 7 – What Apple Doesn’t Want You To Know

Every iPhone 7 is not created equal. Yes, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are available in various storage capacities but what about the speed? This video aims …



Steve Wozniak: I’m A Fan Of Edward Snowden And Feel Little Guilty About NSA Spying

Piers Morgan talks with Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak about the NSA leak, Edward Snowden, and the future of computers.



What does it take to make a good video game movie? – Good Bad Flicks


This week I talk a bit about what I think needs to happen to make a solid video game movie adaptation.
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Bill Gates Biography


Steve Jobs Biography Founder of Apple Documentary


Fasasoftware Door’s Deaf Bell!

Here See Our Last Project 2017!

Fasasoftware Door’s Deaf Bell!


Manuals To Repair Your Pc!

1024px-tools-spanner-hammer-svgClick Here–>Acer Manuals Repair!

Click Here–>Apple Manuals Repair!

Click Here–>Hewlett-Packard PC Manuals Repair!

Click Here–>IBM PC Manuals Repair!


The Genius Of These Past 30 Years: Mister Steve Jobs!!!


RetroGame Info By Fasasoftware!

RetroGame Info By Fasasoftware

retrogame512x512Try Our Demo Game, Test On Line And Then Purchase For Only 1 Euro!!!!

This Is a Retro Game Of 1980, You Can Play It With 2 Players Toghether!!!!

When You Reach 15 Points You Win, But This Is A Demo, When You Reach 3 The Demo End!!!!

 In The Command Panel, You Can Choose:
1) Speed Of Ball
2) Size Of Players
3)The Angle Of Ball
4) Automatic Or Manual Serve.

Have Fun And Enjoy With Our RetroGame!!!!
Best Regards,

Try Here Our Game For Free OnLine!!!

Buy Here On Our GooglePlay-Shop!