RetroGame Info By Fasasoftware!

RetroGame Info By Fasasoftware

retrogame512x512Try Our Demo Game, Test On Line And Then Purchase For Only 1 Euro!!!!

This Is a Retro Game Of 1980, You Can Play It With 2 Players Toghether!!!!

When You Reach 15 Points You Win, But This Is A Demo, When You Reach 3 The Demo End!!!!

 In The Command Panel, You Can Choose:
1) Speed Of Ball
2) Size Of Players
3)The Angle Of Ball
4) Automatic Or Manual Serve.

Have Fun And Enjoy With Our RetroGame!!!!
Best Regards,

Try Here Our Game For Free OnLine!!!

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Are You A Chef? New Android Game By Fasasoftware


Are You A Chef???

New Android Game


Are You a Chef?

Guess All Food And Win!


This is a funny game….Scratch your video and discover

what is the food inside and win….

In demo Version there are only 3 food to guess.

Enjoy and Buy the full version for a small fee!!Have Fun…

Best regards,

Known Bug: Leaderboard don’t work.

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IAS Software Makes Your Content Uniqueness In A Few Clicks!

header Using My ‘Tips Approach’ Solution…

IAS Software Makes Your Content Achieve 90% Up To 100% Uniqueness In A Few Clicks!

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How YOU Can Create An IPhone Or iPad App or Game In 4 Weeks!


How YOU Can Create an iPhone or iPad App or Game in 4 weeks And Hit Pay Dirt With It In The App Store With No Programming Skills.

Check out live documented proof video:
…where I made $ 63,896.21 USD last month and…

Let me ask you this…

Have you ever dreamed of creating your own great game or application for iPhone or iPad with no programming skills in just 4 weeks and hit pay dirt with it in the App Store?
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New Ipad Lessons For You!!!

appstoreinsideipad-300x225Introducing IPAD101

IPAD101 is a library of iPad video lessons showing you everything from the very basics to advanced skills you need to use your iPad with ease-without a manual.

You can now watch these videos to learn how to use the iPad and specifically some of the useful features of the iPad which you will be using every single day.

You are watching over my shoulder every step of the way.Even better than my live presentations, because

    you don’t need to leave home
    you can access them any time 24/7
    you can go at  your own pace…and rewind sections that need review
    You can watch the videos on your PC while you follow along with your iPad or watch and learn right on your iPad

Plus you’ll discover secret hidden tips that most iPad users never find out about. Or if they do it’s after days of trial and error.

At the end of your complete IPAD101 video course, you’ll be more productive, and have more fun with your iPad. You’ll find these lessons are a tremendous return on investment that save you hours and hours of frustrating guesswork.


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