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Arduino Day 12 Maggio

Gallarate Varese Italy


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Lestroso’s Music

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Fasasoftware The Best In The World!

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Game Testing Riches

Pay for Game Testing Riches

2.5551 MB ZIP File – Platform: Indy

Game Testing Riches

The main job of a game tester is to go through a game, level by level, scene by scene, and make sure that everything is working correctly and that the game is functioning up to most cases, the difference between a top seller and a game that does not do well at all is attention to detail.

The technology of video games has progressed a great deal since the creation of the first video game systems. An example of an earlier video game would be Pong.

In this game two players would control simple lines that could only go up or down on the screen. These lines were controlled by paddles and the point of the game was to hit the bouncing ball and make your opponent miss it.

The video games of today are much more advanced than that. They offer multiple genres of games that are sure to meet the interests of almost any person. Most of them can also be played online which offers an entire new experience in itself.

Some people may not take the profession of video game testing as a serious career. Video game testing is actually quite important in the development of a game, some would argue that they are just as important as the programmers.

The main job of a game tester is to go through a game, level by level, scene by scene, and make sure that everything is working correctly and that the game is functioning up to par.

You will need some knowledge in programming and you will need an eye that pays very close attention to detail. In most cases, the difference between a top seller and a game that does not do well at all is attention to detail.

Below are the chapters that you are about to explore:

Chapter 1: Game Testing Basics
Chapter 2: Put a Resume Together
Chapter 3: Prepare Examples of Your Experience
Chapter 4: Contacting Game Developers
Chapter 5: Using the Correct Search Keywords

Licence terms & conditions:

[YES] Can Sell Without Rights

[YES] Can Sell With Basic Resell or Master Resell Rights

[YES] Can be packaged with other products

[YES] Can be offered as a bonus with other products

[YES] Can be included in a PAID membership site

[NO] Can be included in a FREE membership site

[NO] Can be given away

[NO] Can edit the content


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Making Games For The iPad

Pay for Making Games For The iPad

1.0849 MB ZIP File – Platform: Indy

Dear Apple® Aficionado,

No matter if youre a computer geek or someone whos just gotten an iPad, you might be thinking to yourself, how can I come up with iPad games? After all, you see how much they cost and how much money you might be able to make.

Why not?

But making games is for developers, isnt it? You need to be some sort of genius in order to make the sort of games that people will buy, dont you?

While that used to be the case, you dont have to study up too hard in order to make an iPad game that will rock the market. The truth is that there arent many games out there just yet, so youre in a position to not only make an impact, but also to make a financial killing – so to speak.

So, what do you need to know in order to create games for the iPad?

What Great Ideas Do You Have?

Even if you dont have any big ideas yet, Making Games for the iPad will help you come up with the games that people will buy.

From the time a person gets a new gadget to the time he/she trades it in for the new version, hes/shes already thinking about ways that he/she could make the gadget better. Whether its by adding more games or by improving other components, he/she always wants more.

And thats where you will come in.

In this book, you will learn more about how to come up with the best idea possible for your iPad game.

How to come up with the next big idea.
How to choose the best idea.
How to tell when youre ready to turn an idea into reality.

While it might seem to be too big of a task to even think of an iPad game idea, youd be surprised at how many possibilities there really are. You can even speak to the players and well reveal how you can do that in this book too.

The players already know what they want to buy, and they WANT to tell you.

How Do You Plan This Out?

Of course, no good ideas ever made it in the world without a good plan when they first started out.

In Making Games for the iPad, were also going to talk about the plans you need to make before you start putting your game ideas together.

You will need to think about:

Planning the game sequences
Exploring the mechanics
Breaking up your tasks

When you use these ideas, you will be able to formulate a plan that will allow you to begin making your game idea something that will be ready for the consumer to use more quickly than you thought possible.

And if youre not familiar with how the iPad works, then you need to start getting well versed in this device.

(If you are already an iPad expert, then you can skip this section or use it as a refresher course).

You will learn about:

How to play with your iPad
The display
Capabilities as a Pocket PC
Multiplayer options
Sound and controls

Knowing how these parts work together will allow you to create games that take full advantage of this beautiful machine. In Making Games for the iPad, we dont want you to ever feel like the end result of your planning is a so-so game.

What Do You Need to Know How to Do?

Youve seen how impressive the iPad is, and you also know that when something is impressive, its also probably pretty complicated. AppleTM is like that, after all.

Instead of feeling overwhelmed, take a deep breath. In Making Games for the iPad, were going to cover some of the things that you need to know and how to get help when its needed.

Common sense
Hiring others
Doing the work on your own
Programming languages

But those are the basics.

What about the software and how to manipulate it to be something that will work for your iPad game idea?

Cheetah 3D
Korg DS 10
Google Spreadsheets
Google Docs

Even if you dont recognize all of these software names, you will by the end of Making Games for the iPad.

How Can I Market My New Release?

Once youve made a great iPad game, you need to get people to buy it. You need to make sure that everyone who has wanted to see this game be created knows its ready to be bought.

Here are some things you will learn in Making Games for the iPad:

Word-of-mouth advertising
Video ads
Viral advertising
How to keep sales going
Pay-what-you-want models
Special editions
Sequels, spinoffs, etc.

You can continue to market your game in these ways, plus you will establish your long-term presence in the iPad game market.

The iPad is still new enough, and its clear that there is a lot of room for new ideas as you begin to get more proficient in game building.

You will learn about how you need to sell your games to:

Browser-based services
The App Store

And you will also learn what will cause your game to be banned or to not be accepted by AppleTM. Once you do that, youre not going to get any more apps through them in all likelihood.

You need to get it right the first time.

Can You Make a Living Online?

Yes, you can make a living online. And if you liked making the iPad game, why not try to see how far you can take your skills?

In Making Games for the iPad, you will learn more about how to turn the hobby into a job:

How to get in the door.
Treating your work like work.
Your first five games matter the most.
Other paths to online income.

Were also going to give you some advanced reading in Making Games for the iPad that will help you learn more about games, online games, and how you might fit in the marketin case you werent already convinced.
Tags: ipads Making Games For The iPad Making Games For The iPad ebook, create games create games ebook games ebook


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72.6116 MB ZIP File – Platform: Indy

See Online demo at: (in Finnish, the package is in English)

150+ flash game script! Comes with 150 GAMES! This is the best game script! Just image your site, its gonna be so cool!

This game script is a powerful solution that makes running an online gaming website easy.

It’s developed using PHP and MySQL (a highly efficient open-source database). This solid back end technology allowed us to develop a product that is both amazingly fast, yet reassuringly stable.

This game script boasts a wealth of features that you can take advantage of. They are listed below.

– Add games from an online admin panel.
– Pages are generated after a game has been added.
– Remove games from an online admin panel.
– Edit games from an online admin panel.
– Change the game display order.
– Default skin included.

Fully customizable.
Online demo at: (in Finnish, the package is in English)

Installing this game script is very simple. There is a well documented readme file that comes with the script. This gives you clear step by step instructions on how to install the script.

You’ll have a powerful online gaming website running in minutes!


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Android Games Pack


0.0041 MB ZIP File

Android Platform | 65 Games | 2.94GB (FS-FSn)

Android Games Pack – collection of the most popular games platform Android. Pack includes games with different themes: logic, arcade, racing simulators, RPG. Most games in this package are compatible with different versions of smart phones, and some of them have several installers.

Android Games Pack includes:
[*] 3 Kingdoms TD – is the classic Tower Defence with new gameplay. You and your hero to go to the Battle of the Three Kingdoms.
[*] Angry Birds – a puzzle video game developed by Rovio Mobile, in which a player using a slingshot to shoot birds
[*] Armored Defense Lite (Beta) – military arcade with excellent graphics.
[*] Assassin’s Creed – All known game Assassin’s Creed. In this game you can develop the patience and skill to accumulate skills.
[*] Astral Commander – Space arcade game, in which, controlling robots, you must build towers to repel an enemy attack
[*] Avatar 3D – The game will take you to interesting and fascinating world that is beyond your imagination.
[*] Bebbled Lite – an exciting and beautiful puzzle game for Android. You need to find and remove the balls from the playing field a similar color
[*] Burning Tires 3D – In this mobile racing with fantastic graphics, you are invited to ride on the most dangerous places on the planet
[*] Crystal Defenders – addictive game in style turrets
[*] Dante THE INFERNO – video games in the genre of slasher with elements of role-playing game
[*] Dark Area Lite 3D – Lite version of the 3D first-person shooter for powerful handheld device.
[*] DynamoKid Touch – arcade classic character toys
[*] EA FIFA 10 – an excellent 3D football from Electronic Arts is now on Android
[*] European War – Strategic toy. Expands its forces on land and at sea, dive into Europe 19 centuries
[*] Farm Tower – arcade on the physics of which you need to help safely descend from the high towers baby animals
[*] Forest Runner – a game about the conqueror of the jungle
[*] Fruit Pirate (3D) – cuts fruits and earn points.
[*] GT Racing Motor Academy – one of the real and the most realistic racing simulators.
[*] Guitar Hero 5 Mobile – Famous console game Guitar Hero is now on your Android
[*] Gun Bros 3D – real 3D-action game in which (as befits the genre), you have to destroy the hordes of enemies in a non-stop
[*] Half-Life – a video game in the genre of sci-fi first-person shooter.
[*] Haypi Kingdom – the massive online game about the Middle Ages
[*] Hero Of Sparta – a great game from GameLoft in 3D. Superb graphics and gameplay. You’ll fight with mythical creatures
[*] HexDefense – camoya arcade and a saturated genre of Tower Defense games to Android
[*] Jewellust – beautiful puzzle game for Android
[*] Labyrinth Full – a classic game where you control a steel ball by tilting a wooden labyrinth.
[*] Leap Sheep! – Fun arcade game where you have to jump over a flock of sheep over the fence.
[*] Majesty Fantasy Kingdom Sim – a huge magical world in which it is YOU have the honor to become the head of a small fairy-tale kingdom.
[*] Math Scramble – a puzzle game in which you want to make mathematical examples
[*] Modern CombatSandstorm – clone of the Call of Duty on your smartphone. You’ll play an American soldier, your goal unichnozhit terrorists.
[*] https://www.tradebit.comner – logic puzzle
[*] Modern Combat Black Pegasus HD 2 – Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus improves gameplay first Modern Combat
[*] NOVA – To protect each other, space refuge together in an alliance, which was named Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance
[*] Need for Speed Shift – the famous race from the developers of the company EA Games.
[*] Paper Toss – office fun.
[*] Peeping Tom – do not give spying eyes of the girl washable.
[*] Plateau – an entertaining puzzle game in which you want to move the ball so that the lines are not crossed.
[*] Prince of Persia – The legendary Prince of Persia series is now in your smartphones android
[*] Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 – an excellent football simulator with 3D graphics and running with G-Sensor
[*] Real Football 2011 – 3D GameLoft football from now on Android
[*] Reckless Racing – combines a classic racing gameplay with good graphics environment.
[*] Shrek Kart – miles of fun racing with Shrek and his friends
[*] Singularity – 3D space shooter
[*] Skies of Glory – Ruthless dogfights in the skies during World War II.
[*] Slice It – we cut a finger with a knife as a variety of shapes
[*] SmackTalk! – Deal with the hamster
[*] Space War HD – classic Invaders for Android
[*] SpeedX 3D – you have to shoot on three-dimensional tunnel, dodging obstacles.
[*] Splinter cell Conviction – Sensational shooter is now on the Android OS
[*] Super Dynamite Fishing – blast fishing on Android.
[*] Tetris For Android – a good Tetris for Android smartphones with high-quality graphics
[*] The Last Defender HD – modern warfare, you are the rocket launcher and destroy armored vehicles
[*] The Sims 3 – The famous life simulator Sims 3 is now on Android!
[*] Tile Storm Lite (3D) – a beautiful puzzle game for the android with beautiful 3D graphics
[*] Tom Clancy’s HAWX – simulator with spectacular graphics platform android
[*] Treasures of Montezuma 2 – is a colorful and addictive puzzle game in the style of “three in a row”
[*] TurboFly 3D – futuristic racing for Android
[*] WARP – in this game you have to save our planet from meteorites
[*] War2 – War online
[*] Wild West Sheriff – Western, the problem is not getting to shoot bandits in the other
[*] Winds of Steel – one of the best flight simulation for Android
[*] Worms 2010 – a classic comic war game returns to mobile. Get a platoon of worms with powerful weapons and attack the enemy
[*] X Construction – arcade game for Android Building bridges and inspect them for strength to passing on his train
[*] Xeno Tactic II Lite – qualities of the game for Android, which is necessary to defend your base from enemy invasion
[*] Yumsters – Yumsters! Settle them in my phone – and you always forget about boredom!
[*] Zuma’s Revenge – the legendary Zuma returned.


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Super Catalog Win-Mac New Software by Fasa


Here you have the Super Catalog!

For Win and Mac, for Free!!

Download here ou new SuperCatalog!!!

With The source and app for free!!

The use is easy…like a child could too!!!

You can catalog your media that you

want an search inside the archives.

So you can Catalog all files you want…

from a usb flash or an hard disk..

This application is made by Livecode community!!!

Have Fun and Enjoy!



Download here SuperCatalogWin!!


Download here SuperCatalogMac!

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Here Our Friends Stores…

Here You Have Our Stores…

You Can Buy

Our Software For A Small Price!!!

Click Below The Image

To Go To The Page!!!



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Hi to everybody!

We are pleased to tell to

you that we have released

our new game sho’em up :

Crazy Shot!

We Sell It For Only 2 Euro!

Shot every where and have Fun!

Try Below Our Demo On Line

The First Level..It’s free!!!

This Is A Brend New Shot’em Up

By Fasasoftware 2017.
The Goal of this game is

to shot all the objects

that appears on the screen.

Crazy Shot in full version has 9 levels.
Be careful because for example in the first level

you don’t have to kill the girls

that appear on the screen,

otherwise you will loose 50 Points on your score.
But, if you shot the right object, you will gain 50 Points.
There are many levels to play

very funny and easy.For example,

the 2 level is located in a circus

and the 3 you have to shot to some disks in the air.
There also other levels located on the

space and in the far west and so on…
When you win the level you will see the

congrats words on the screen

with the sound applause.
On the contrary if you loose ,

you will see a skull that rotate by

itself and you listen a baby crying.
Remember, if you loose a level,

the game restart from the first level.
When every level starts, you will see a traffic

light that give you the start to play the game.

This Demo Have Only 1 Level To Try.

The Full Release Have 9 levels to play!

Have Fun and Enjoy,

Fasasoftware’s Team 2017





Click Here Or The Joystick

To Play On Line Our Demo!


Here Below You Can Download It For Android!!!


Crazy Shot The Desktop Version!


Have fun And Enjoy!!

Here You Can Find The CrazyShot

Version For The Main Computer Version!!

Have Fun And Enjoy!!

The Fasasoftware’s Team

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RetroGame Info By Fasasoftware!

RetroGame Info By Fasasoftware

retrogame512x512Try Our Demo Game, Test On Line And Then Purchase For Only 1 Euro!!!!

This Is a Retro Game Of 1980, You Can Play It With 2 Players Toghether!!!!

When You Reach 15 Points You Win, But This Is A Demo, When You Reach 3 The Demo End!!!!

 In The Command Panel, You Can Choose:
1) Speed Of Ball
2) Size Of Players
3)The Angle Of Ball
4) Automatic Or Manual Serve.

Have Fun And Enjoy With Our RetroGame!!!!
Best Regards,


Click Here Or The Joystick

To Play For Free OnLine!!!


Buy Here On Our GooglePlay-Shop!


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