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Here The Patch For Fix Colors for Adafruit Library Chinese2.4″TftLcd!

Here The Patch For Fix Colors

for Adafruit Library Chinese2.4″TftLcd!For arduino!!

tftlcd2-4-4tftlcd2-4-7Go to the Page!!!!


Fasasoftware The Best In The World!


Binary OPtion Killer Ultimate 2.0 Win10


All Copyrights Reserved By Fasasoftware 2017

Dear friend,
Here there are a little and easy
instructions, to how to use this new tools
to help you,to decide, when you have to
place a trade or not, for Binary Options,FOR WINDOWS10.
First open the software,then let the green
bar , become complete.
When the bar have finished to load, in the
end you can see clearly, the signal:
Up,Down,No Trade.

When You See The Hand,

You Must Don’t Trade!!!

This software works only in Eur/Usd, More
stable for us!!!

And again ,when you receive signals by
Sbok software, you should bet on 30-60
seconds time frame because, there are
more high probality to win and fast!!

When You See The Green Arrow…


You Should bet UP!!!!!

When You See The Red Arrow,


You Should bet on Down.

We hope that our software you will help.
Don’t Trade during the night, because the
market is slow and could go against you.
The best Hour are like from 15:00 To
17:00, Italian Hours(GMT).

The Fasasoftware Team Thanks You For Your Trust!
Best Regards, Lestroso
All Copyrights Reserved By Fasasoftware 2017

Tip And Trick!!!!
Here, there an option to Reverse Signals. Our
suggestion is to make 10 virtual trade without bet on real

or try the site

and test if
there at least 7 trade positive,

if it’s not you can
Reverse the signals by tick the checkbox Reverse Signals.

–>Here the Manual pdf<–

Sorry…Due To Paypal Restriction, There’s No Policy Refund.
Have fun and enjoy!!! Best Regards Lestroso.

Detail page of New Super Binary Option Killer 2.0

New Super Binary Option Killer 2.0



Manuals To Repair Your Pc!

1024px-tools-spanner-hammer-svgClick Here–>Acer Manuals Repair!


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