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Create your own FPS Game – Part 1 – Unity3D using Playmaker


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1 Hour Programming: A Tower Defense game in Unity 3d [Tutorial]


This was recorded during a livestream on 2016-02-13. Make sure to SUBSCRIBE so you don’t miss a video! Download the complete project: …



3D SHMUP – Part 01 Basic Movement | Unity & Playmaker Tutorial


Hi, this is a new tutorial series on how to create a 3D top down SHMUP (Skyforce, FullBlast) using Unity and Playmaker without writing a single line of code.



1. Unity Tutorial Basics – Create a Survival Game


This is the first video in “Create a Survival Game” a series on making a cool survival type game in Unity 4. In this video we set up the most basic game mechanics …



Unity 5 Tutorial For Beginners – How To Make A Game – Part 001

1494076675_hqdefault.jpg :: Want to create a game like Skyrim? Fancy building a full-on Elder Scrolls or Super Mario World? Welcome to the Unity 5 Tutorial for …



Apple pen for you!!!ahahah


Here the XiloBaby In action…


Here You Can Buy CrazyShot For Desktop Version For Only 2E.

Crazy Shot The Desktop Version!


Have fun And Enjoy!!

Here You Can Find The CrazyShot

Version For The Main Computer Version!!

Have Fun And Enjoy!!

The Fasasoftware’s Team


CrazyShot! The New Game By Fasasoftware’s Team2017


Hi to everybody!

We are pleased to tell to

you that we have released

our new game sho’em up :

Crazy Shot!

We Sell It For Only 2 Euro!

Shot every where and have Fun!

Try Below Our Demo On Line

The First Level..It’s free!!!

This Is A Brend New Shot’em Up

By Fasasoftware 2017.
The Goal of this game is

to shot all the objects

that appears on the screen.

Crazy Shot in full version has 9 levels.
Be careful because for example in the first level

you don’t have to kill the girls

that appear on the screen,

otherwise you will loose 50 Points on your score.
But, if you shot the right object, you will gain 50 Points.
There are many levels to play

very funny and easy.For example,

the 2 level is located in a circus

and the 3 you have to shot to some disks in the air.
There also other levels located on the

space and in the far west and so on…
When you win the level you will see the

congrats words on the screen

with the sound applause.
On the contrary if you loose ,

you will see a skull that rotate by

itself and you listen a baby crying.
Remember, if you loose a level,

the game restart from the first level.
When every level starts, you will see a traffic

light that give you the start to play the game.

This Demo Have Only 1 Level To Try.

The Full Release Have 9 levels to play!

Have Fun and Enjoy,

Fasasoftware’s Team 2017





Click Here to Try On Line Our Demo!


Here Below You Can Download It For Android!!!



Fasasoftware Door’s Deaf Bell!

Here See Our Last Project 2017!

Fasasoftware Door’s Deaf Bell!


Fasasoftware The Best In The World!


Xilo Baby The New Fasasoftware’s Invention 2017 Keyboard Less


Hello, I’m Lestroso and I am here to present my latest work,

this musical instrument called “Xilo-Baby”, already protected by copyright.

Very funny, as it has no keys, but the Optical sensors that detect the keypress.


Go to the Page description!


New Invention 2017 “The Optimeter” by Luca P. and Fasasoftware’s Team

New Invention 2017

“The Optimeter”

by Luca P. and

Fasasoftware’s Team

Optimeter is an instrument capable of

operating as an optical transceiver,

can send and receive optical signals

for the measurement of optical power.

Profit tester at activation connections F.O.

Moreover, no less important, can measure the

loss of data transmission in optical cables.lucaoptim1 


 Go To Invention Page!!!!


It Gone Down! An Instrumental Track by Lestroso 2017!


You Can Listen More Music Here:

Lestroso’s Song Site!


Here The Patch For Fix Colors for Adafruit Library Chinese2.4″TftLcd!

Here The Patch For Fix Colors

for Adafruit Library Chinese2.4″TftLcd!For arduino!!

tftlcd2-4-4tftlcd2-4-7Go to the Page!!!!


RetroGame Info By Fasasoftware!

RetroGame Info By Fasasoftware

retrogame512x512Try Our Demo Game, Test On Line And Then Purchase For Only 1 Euro!!!!

This Is a Retro Game Of 1980, You Can Play It With 2 Players Toghether!!!!

When You Reach 15 Points You Win, But This Is A Demo, When You Reach 3 The Demo End!!!!

 In The Command Panel, You Can Choose:
1) Speed Of Ball
2) Size Of Players
3)The Angle Of Ball
4) Automatic Or Manual Serve.

Have Fun And Enjoy With Our RetroGame!!!!
Best Regards,

Try Here Our Game For Free OnLine!!!

Buy Here On Our GooglePlay-Shop!


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