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We use Livecode  For Desktop Apps And Android! 
Free And Open Source!

Maximum flexibility in production. This Tool is very easy to use and powerful...You can Make Apps Desktop and Android in No Time! 

We also use Lazarus For Desktop Apps ! Free And Open Source With Beautiful Pascal..!

For us,  this tool is not so easy to use ,but powerful...You can Make Apps Desktop ! The language is not so hard, this language pascal is quite easy, but you must study a little to make a real app...But it's compile to native exe...Not so bad!

We Use Also Godot!

We will make Games with Godot, the free 2d-3d engine, for you for a little fee, please support our shareware!!!

We use also Blitzmax..a little difficult but powerful
for desktop apps
and Games.This is a powerful tool...also for Mac os x,Linux,Windows10.

Blitzmax..It's a powerful basic compiler..an app could weight 2 Mb!!

About Us

We are 2 friends who, out of a passion to play video games and program the computer ... first with the Commodore64, then with the      Apple IIc, we have dedicated almost our life, to experiment and invent games or applications,  with great difficulty  to sell our products. With the passing of time, the programming has been greatly simplified, thus succeding in helping us to produce some games. Our goal, now that we have found the winning tools, we can develop with pleasure..
Games and Applications for you!

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Via Padovani 66, Tavarone Di Maissana (SP) 19010 La Spezia Italy



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