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Construct 2 games showreel



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Support Godot Engine’s development on Patreon: Godot Engine Games Showcase Best Godot Games 2018 | TOP 10 …


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Create an iPhone app in 3 hours 16 minutes


Share our vision of a free open source app creation platform for non-programmers and programmers alike. Everyone in the world can code: let’s start now!


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Godot Engine Games Showcase | March 2018


March 2018 compilation of games submitted to us, either published or in-development by the Godot user community. Please support the …


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Here is a list of the best construct 3 games for 2018. I was told this games were created by beginners, people who use construct 3. Maybe this will inspire you to …


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Livecode: Part1 : Simple Lunar Lander Game


Creating a simple Lunar Lander game in Livecode.


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Turn Key eBook Store Pre-Loaded with 200 bestselling MRR
Turn Key eBook Store Pre-Loaded with 200 bestselling MRR
A Second Income !!! Are You Serious About Getting Your Very Own Automated Ebook Website? This great Instant Product Download eCommerce Store is a complete PHP/MySQL shopping cart system and a profitable online business, that requires no previous web experience, and Youll discover that everything can be configured though an easy to use web-based Store Admin Area…
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Ebook Money Machine
Ebook Money Machine
Secerets to making money with your own ebook fastWheter you wrote it or not Think e-books are dead? Not even close! It’s still HUGE and I’ll show you exactly how to…
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Authority Hi-Jack 2
Authority Hi-Jack 2
Authority Hi-Jack 2 Legally Hi-Jack The Authority of Big-Name Sites And Get People to Sign Up To Your Lists, Complete Your CPA Offers, Go to Your Affiliate Links and Even Buy Your Products! If you want more subscribers or to get more people to buy your products or complete your CPA offers then you need to download this clever piece of software that legally hi-jacks the authority of……
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Paypal Payment Links Generator
Paypal Payment Links Generator
Easily Create PayPal Payment Links! Payment Linker will create a custom payment link that can simply be copied and pasted into an email or a web site! When it is clicked on, the user will be taken to https://www…
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Ghost Busters 3D PC Game
Ghost Busters 3D PC Game
Slimers haunt a motel and you take part in been hired to catch them. As soon as you bust a single ghost you will earn $1000, receive an extra confine and in that case the subsequently slimer appears…
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Monopoly Here & Now
Monopoly Here & Now
ENCORE MONOPOLY HERE & NOW CD What would Monopoly be like if it were invented today? The World’s Most Popular Board Game has a Modern Day Makeover featuring Today’s Properties, Today’s Tokens and Today’s Millions…
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Layout Menu – Construct 2 Tutorial + CAPX


Simple tutorial step by step how to create menu layout, mouse effect, custom mouse cursor.etc DOWNLOAD CAPX …


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First Game with Godot Engine


Zombie model are from Rosswet Mobile.


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LiveCode First Project: Follow the Bouncing Ball


In this video, Lloyd Rieber introduces programming in LiveCode. In this project, he shows how to create a project of a ball bouncing around the screen based on …


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Livecode challenge: create Breakout game in 12 minutes


How many minutes do yuo need to create a breakout/arkanoid game? Just 12 minutes in Livecode. Let me know what type of program to do in few minutes with …


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Godot, Third Person Shooter Demo – Preview


Preview of the third person shooter demo that will be coming with out together with Godot 3.1.


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Godot Is The Best Engine – Godot vs Unity


Ft. A retraction: Mass O’ Kyzt: Twitter: …


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Godot engine is stunning


Just testing the improvements to the 3D engine of Godot, and is amazing.


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Godot 3.0: Introducing the New and Outstanding Features


Speed up Godot development by supporting us on Patreon! Showcase of the new and outstanding features coming in …


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Our Youtube Channel! By Fasasoftware

Our Youtube Channel!

By Fasasoftware


Click Here Or The Image!

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New Game! Space Cake By Fasasoftware

Space Cake

Screenshot (7)

Have Fun!!!!

It’s Free For Android!!!

Download here

our space cake shooter for Free!!!

Go here to our Android Store!!!



 Here Below You Can Download Space Cake In Our Site

 Please Unzip The File To Install The Apk In Your Android Phone!


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Super Catalog Win-Mac New Software by Fasa


Here you have the Super Catalog!

For Win and Mac, for Free!!

Download here ou new SuperCatalog!!!

With The source and app for free!!

The use is easy…like a child could too!!!

You can catalog your media that you

want an search inside the archives.

So you can Catalog all files you want…

from a usb flash or an hard disk..

This application is made by Livecode community!!!

Have Fun and Enjoy!



Download here SuperCatalogWin!!


Download here SuperCatalogMac!

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Arduino Day 2018 by Fasasoftware

Arduino Day 12 Maggio

Gallarate Varese Italy


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Lestroso’s Music

appleLOGOFinal2Click the Apple to listen the Lestroso’s Music!

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Here Our Friends Stores…

Here You Have Our Stores…

You Can Buy

Our Software For A Small Price!!!

Click Below The Image

To Go To The Page!!!



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Fasasoftware The Best In The World!

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Xilo Baby Keyboard Less by Fasasoftware


Hello, I’m Lestroso and I am here to present my latest work,

this musical instrument called “Xilo-Baby”, already protected by copyright.

Very funny, as it has no keys, but the Optical sensors that detect the keypress.

It ‘s very simple to construct and economical to accomplish ….., but it’ s obvious my is a prototype,

if you do build in China and re-engineered, it will be very cheap.

I have made it with an Arduino, an amplifier in class d, a midi synth, and

optical sensors and blue LEDs that indicate the key pressed.

It has 15 keys Optical, a Joystick Pitch-Bend, a button to change the sounds,

2 keys for 1 tone up and down’, audio volume.

The instrument is very cute and funny and can entertain

all children from 6 years and up.

Honestly, I’ve never seen a keyboard-xylophone with this technology,

perhaps the battery, but the market for children, I have never seen …

I enclose here my short video presentation,sorry in Italian :

If you are interested to produce and distribute like license agreetment and share profit, please ,let me know.

While waiting for your response and feedback, please accept my best regards.

Write To Me at : or Phone Me At +393332936180 .

Bye Lestroso

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  • Keyboardless invention
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