Xilo Baby 2020


Hello, I’m Lestroso and I am here to present my latest work,

this musical instrument called “Xilo-Baby”, already protected by copyright.

Very funny, as it has no keys, but the Optical sensors that detect the keypress.

It ‘s very simple to construct and economical to accomplish ….., but it’ s obvious my is a prototype,

if you do build in China and re-engineered, it will be very cheap.

I have made it with an Arduino, an amplifier in class d, a midi synth, and

optical sensors and blue LEDs that indicate the key pressed.

It has 15 keys Optical, a Joystick Pitch-Bend, a button to change the sounds,

2 keys for 1 tone up and down’, audio volume.

The instrument is very cute and funny and can entertain

all children from 6 years and up.

Honestly, I’ve never seen a keyboard-xylophone with this technology,

perhaps the battery, but the market for children, I have never seen …

I enclose here my short video presentation,sorry in Italian :

If you are interested to produce and distribute like license agreetment and share profit, please ,let me know.

While waiting for your response and feedback, please accept my best regards.

Write To Me at : fasasoftware@gmail.com or Phone Me At +393332936180 .

Bye Lestroso